The KEEPERR Method - The GTM Methodology

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Why do we need a GTM methodology?

  • Every business is on a similar but different journey
  • Sales and marketing have methodologies so should we
  • GTM impacts every department

Entering a new market is a challenge. The KEEPERR method combines your learnings across strategy, sales and marketing. It enables you to own your sector by creating scaleable systems and proven actions that deliver results. You can deploy across sector market segments or categories.

Knowledge in GTM

Knowledge in GTM

GTM without knowledge prevents teams from making strategic and informed decisions from budget setting, talent allocation and sector focus. KEEPERR ensures team members understand every customer rebuttal and product roadmap request. This adds value as teams know what customers are asking for vs what you think they are looking for.

GTM Sales Knowledge

GTM Competitor Knowledge

GTM Product Knowledge

Experience in GTM

Experience in GTM

Experience is essential to start building the foundations for success. But where do you start? If you are starting out it's either by asking for favours, but if you're looking to move into new sectors, categories it's via recommendations or by dropping price whereby your offering is too hard to resist.

If you are launching in new region, it's recommended to ask existing clients - who may or may not have operations in the UK to run a pilot at a discounted rate card this provides both parties with a win win as enough good faith has built up overtime.

First Project Experience

GTM Pricing Advantage

Applied Project Learning